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Research and Publications
RARMS & Walk In, Walk Out.

Models for practice and primary health human resource sustainability in rural and remote locations: A literature review

Warton Northern Territory Primary Health Network 2017

Meeting the primary healthcare needs of small rural communities: lessons for health service planners

D Russell, J Humphreys Journal of Rural and Remote Health 2016

Greater support for generalism in rural and regional Australia

S Larkin R Evans Family Physician 2014

Rural Health Guidebook

World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) 2014

A clinical training network for Far North Queensland (supporting regionally based training)

G MacCarrick James Cook University 2012

Sustainable primary health care services in rural and remote areas: innovation and evidence

J Wakerman, JS Humphreys - Australian Journal of Rural Health 2011

Increasing access to health workers in remote and rural areas through improved retention

World Health Organization 2010

Features of effective primary health care models in rural and remote Australia: a case‐study analysis

J Wakerman, JS Humphreys Medical Journal of Australia 2009

Primary health care delivery models in rural and remote Australia-a systematic review

WP Kuipers, J Wakerman, JS Humphreys, R Wells Flinders University 2008


Is there a blueprint for replicating new general practice entities in rural Australia?

J May Medical Journal of Australia 2008

Health service models

P Jones, J May, A Creighton - A textbook of Australian rural health, 2008

" Beyond workforce": a systemic solution for health service provision in small rural and remote communities

JS Humphreys, J Wakerman, R Wells… - Medical Journal of Australia 2008

Primary health care as a strategy for achieving equitable care: a literature review commissioned by the Health Systems Knowledge Network

J De Maeseneer, S Willems, A De Sutter World Health Organization  2007

Is there a blueprint for replicating new general practice entities in rural Australia?

J May Rural Health 2007


Project to Policy: TUFH Principles in Action in Australia

I Cameron V Matic, R Mathews - Education for Health, 2007

A systematic review of primary health care delivery models in rural and remote Australia 1993-2006

J Wakerman, J Humphreys, R Wells, P Kuiper Australian National University- 2006

A Systematic Review Of Primary Health Care Delivery Models In Rural And Remote Australia 1993-2006

Australian National University, Centre for Remote Health 2006

Solving the shortage of general practitioners in remote and rural Australia: a Sisyphean task?

M Kamien, WI Cameron - Medical Journal of Australia, 2006


Recruiting undergraduates to rural practice: what the students can tell us

P Orpin, M Gabriel Journal of Rural and Remote Health 2005


Community involvement in medical practitioner recruitment and retention: reflections on experience

C Veitch, M Grant Journal of Rural and Remote Health 2004


Rural GPs' ratings of initiatives designed to improve rural medical workforce recruitment and retention

J Jones, J Humphreys, MA Adena Journal of Rural and Remote Health  2004

Towards Unity for Health applied-the pentagon of partnership as a basis for a regional workforce structure

I Cameron Rural Health 2003


Rural Health Care

M Kamien, WI Cameron

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