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Ever wondered what it would be like to pop down to the Farmer's Market to buy up some local produce.  Or grab an espresso with some local members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.  Or maybe buy a beautiful opal from a mine just out of town.  Rural and remote practice gives you a world of experience while building your practice skills.  Don';t take it from us - read the testimonials of some of the hundreds of GPs and nurses who have shared the RARMS rural and remote experience.


A Truly Unforgettable Time in Warren NSW

Dr Shaheed Choudury

Dr Shaheed said “It is with great sorrow that I announce my departure from Warren. It has been a journey where I have made many friends and made a special connection with the community. The time I have spent here has been truly unforgettable. During my time here, I have felt privileged to have helped the community in the past three and a half years. In particular, the highlights of my time here have been setting up a skin cancer clinic, and a focus on chronic disease management - Diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and emphysema etc. I enjoyed working here. I would like to thank the RARMS staff for their excellent support. It has been a pleasure to work with the RaRMS staff and I would also like to thank the Warren MPS staff for their support.”


A great RARMS experience in Walgett

Mohammad Sharier, GP/VMO

I worked for RARMS in Walgett for 4 years. I had total flexibility on my roster, working environment and the staff were excellent and helpful in all aspects. RARMS helped me to settle in a small country town smoothly and was supportive all the time while I was doing my training with Remote Virtual Training Scheme (RVTS). I recommend RARMS as an employer - the best.


No hesitation in working for RARMS

Sanjay Singh Jamwal, GP/VMO

My 18 months at Lightning Ridge as GP/VMO would not have been possible without the support of RARMS. Being a non-profit organisation, RARMS is providing great services to remote communities. Also, RARMS understands every aspect that is important to rural GPs and facilitates them. I really found RARMS quite approachable, understanding, organised and eager to help. I would not hesitate to work with RARMS in future and also would recommend RARMS if a GP wants to practise in the outback.


RARMS 'a supportive organisation'

Dr Anthony Scherz, Locum

I’ve found RARMS to be a professional, supportive organisation with a focus on the provision of quality, comprehensive rural health care.