Warialda is the ‘Place of Wild Honey’.  An attractive small town with a population of 1300, it is one of the major towns of the Gwydir Shire in north-western NSW. It is situated 602 km north of Sydney and 320 m above sea-level on a tributary creek of the Gwydir River.  


Warren is a town in central western NSW.  It is located on the Oxley Highway about 120 kilometres north west of Dubbo.  in 2016 Warren had a population of 1,530.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people made up 20.4% of the population.

Warialda is located in the Gwydir region providing access to a wide range of outdoor recreational activities.  Cranky Rock is 5km east of Warialda - a jumble of giant boulders heaped in the most fantastic positions by a past volcanic upheaval. There is a suspension bridge, birdlife and wildlife sanctuary and, a viewing platform. which is one of the largest semi-permanent wetlands in south eastern Australia. Containing extensive areas of reed, cumbungi, river red gum, coolibah and water couch grasslands, the Marshes support over 200 bird species.


Living in Warialda provides doctors and health professionals with access to world leading NSW school education system at Warialda Primary School, Warialda High School and St Jospeh's Catholic Primary School.  

In Warialda your dollar goes a lot further, giving you greater flexibility to continue your education, send your children to the top schools and universities, and take regular holidays.

Warialda is a high demand market for health and medical services. This means that doctors can a good income compared to highly competitive and over-supplied city locations.

But it is a low-cost market for housing, with the median price around $229,000 compared to a median price in Sydney of $1.2 million.  This house (opposite) is on the market asking $495,000.  Highly paid doctors have the option to live in some of the most prestigious housing in town at an affordable price. For more information click here.


Feel like getting away for the weekend, or attend a conference?  Warialda has you covered!

Warialda is a short drive to Inverell Regional Airport which allows you to fly to Sydney and Brisbane.

From Sydney you can head to holiday at Bondi Beach, or fly to Newcastle and experience the pristine beaches of the mid-North Coast.  Fly to Brisbane and head to the Gold Coast, or enjoy international shopping in Melbourne. 

Warialda gives you the opportunity to practice in a bucolic country town with the convenience of accessing Australia's cosmopolitan centres.