Brewarrina is one of the most unique towns in remote NSW.  With a population more than 60 percent Aboriginal, it is an opportunity to practice medicine in a community environment that rewards doctors and health workers both professionally and personally.

Brewarrina will provide you with the opportunity to demonstrate and develop your medical skills, while joining a welcoming and supportive community.


Aboriginal Australians crossed the great land passages to Australia more than 60,000 years ago and are the oldest continuous culture on earth.


Brewarrina is home to Baiames Ngunnhu - the Indigenous Fish traps that were integral to community and gatherings in this stunning outback region. 

In the words of the community, Brewarrina offers you the chance to 'lose your way, and find yourself'.

Living in Brewarrina provides doctors and health professionals with access to the world leading NSW public school education system at Brewarrina Central School catering from kindergarten to Year 12.

RARMS Health provides a range of flexible options  for work as a GP or nurse in Brewarrina including 2-weeks-on, 2-weeks-off, short fixed term placement (e.g. 1 or 2 years) or other flexible options.

From bushwalking and birdwatching to fishing and canoeing and water skiing, Brewarrina is a popular place for outdoor adventure. For more information, click here.

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In Brewarrina your dollar goes a lot further, giving you greater flexibility to continue your education, send your children to the top schools and universities, and take regular holidays.

Brewarrina is a high demand market for health and medical services. This means that doctors can earn as much, if not more, income compared to highly competitive and over-supplied city locations.

But it is a low-cost market for housing, with the median price around $150,000 compared to a median price in Sydney of $1.2 million.  For something a little different Brewarrina offers the chance for well paid doctors to invest in a farming venture and enjoy the financial benefits (opposite).

Talking about great holidays ...


Feel like getting away for the weekend, or attend a conference?  Brewarrina has you covered!

A short drive to Bourke airport offers regular flights to Dubbo Regional Airport  which allows you to transfer to flights to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Newcastle.  

From Sydney you can head to holiday at Bondi Beach, or fly to Newcastle and experience the pristine beaches of the mid-North Coast.  Fly to Brisbane and head to the Gold Coast, or enjoy international shopping in Melbourne. 

Brewarrina gives you the challenge of frontier practice with the convenience of accessing Australia's cosmopolitan centres.